Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Majlis Menyambut Menantu *Abe&El*

Congratulations Abe & Kak El!!

Wishing you joy all the happiness today & always!

From this moment your life has begun
From this moment…
You 2 have become one!
Hope your love for each other
Grows every day
And may your life blows
With happiness

You have chosen each other above all the rest to share your love and laughter to live life at its best. May you alwaysfill each other’s lives with love Congratulations

From this day forward, as you sharelive’ joys and trials, May you always comfort one another with smile. Always be together through both laughter and the tears.

Depending on each other. Loving happily ever after. Wishing you an always kind of love.

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nieja said...

ingat ko tak update
doh..haha..sbaek kak.nieja
masuk tengok :)