Monday, June 30, 2008

review of The Lost Room..

Act xtaw nk update psl ape, xda pepe yg menarik nk diupdatekan.huhu.wee~
kbetulan tringat sal cite The Lost Room.
Msti korang sume penah tgk cite nie kan? cite nie da lama main.cite nie paling best diantara cite2 yang ada skang.Da brkali2 tgk cite sket pon xboring! la.rase cam nk tgk lg skali.ahaha.
Jom review blk cite nie..

In the 1960s, there still were hundreds of motels with thousands of rooms along Route 66 as it twisted its way from Chicago to L.A. and back. None of them stood out from the rest until one day when some unknown event at the Sunshine Motel transformed ordinary things into items of wonder.

Room 10 of the Sunshine Motel and many of its mundane contents — a pair of scissors, a comb and so on — gained unique and inexplicable properties on that day, transforming them from ordinary objects into indestructible Objects.

The Scissors can turn and rotate any item in three dimensions. The Comb stops time for 10 seconds when you run it through your hair. The Eyeglasses inhibit all combustion in a 20-foot radius. The Room itself is an unchanging haven and a portal to any destination. But it can also take that which you value more than your own life.

To possess an Object is to possess its power.

Using each Object exacts a physical, emotional or psychological cost from the owner. Just holding one makes you a target for murder.

For decades, maybe since the first moment that the Motel Room was ripped from this reality, cabals have formed to collect all the Objects. As always, some just want unlimited power, and they believe getting all of the Objects will give them that. Others want to prevent anyone from ever again using the Objects.

And though their motives vary, the cabals' tactics are similar. It's said that while you have one of the Objects, you have no friends, only people waiting for an opening.

Police Det. Joe Miller was introduced to the Motel Room when a fatally shot young man gave him one of the most powerful and coveted Objects of them all: the Key to the Motel Room. His life is immediately turned upside down when his young daughter becomes lost in the room. In his relentless quest to rescue his little girl, Joe becomes the target of shadowy figures who will stop at nothing to take from him his only hope of saving her — the Key.

P.S/best kan cite nie?huhu (=

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Resign Or Not??

Hurm.i'm really sad rite now.
I got a big conflicts wit someone...
then,'someone' yang i mksdkan 2 skelas plak ngan i(class makyong i mean).
kalo bleh mmg da xnk jumpa n tgk la muka 'someone' 2 lg.
bcoz dia da buat i rasa sgt sgt sgt n sgt kecewa ngan sikap dia.
before nie dia ok sgt n i really love her so much.but,ntah nape dia tetiba "bertukar".
Haish. mmg xsangka la prangai dia mcm 2. really weird n bad!

So,what i suppose to do now?!Should i resign my career as a tradisional dancer in kelantan(makyong)??!Or how?.
I need some suggestion now..

P.S/Oh,God!Please help me!!
Gimme a strength to confront with this problems.*sad+cry*

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We All in Kuantan, #part 2.. POSE2!

Congratulation on your marriage..

May the love that you have
for each other today
Brings happiness to both of you
and may that love keep
Growing everyday the whole
life through.


gedik rite?? gambar kitorang jer yg byk pose dari pengantin! hahaha (= Wee~~

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


First dating wit "the ngade" ahaks. Wee~~ (=

21 june 2008

."the ngade+gediks".


.teh tarik place.

.me wit the ngade.

Second dating, wit HIM.. "the ngade"! (=

22 june 2008


.me, myself n i.

i'm in love??

Monday, June 16, 2008

'We All' in Kuantan,pahang!!

Last friday, kitorang pg kuantan untuk majlis menghantar menantu. (htr kak et umah mertua)! huhu. Majlis 2 ari sabtu. tp kna la brtolak awal sb jauh giler kan. (= majlis 2 happening jgk la walaupun matahari tgh terik giler time 2! panas woaa!!time bergambar yg paling best. hehe. mmg giler bergambar pown kitorang nie! xkira ada kt umah org pown. still xmalu utk berposing. haha. wee~~lps majlis 2 slesai, lbh kurang dlm pkul 4pm kot. kitorang sume blk ke guest house utk mandi ofcoz n salin pkaian sb plan nk pg east coast mall plak, shupping2 la. huhu. lama giler kitorang kt dalam 2 smpai mall 2 nk ttp baru kitorang sume blk. haha. best!!

Ari ahad plak kitorang skali lg plan pg east coast mall, but before pg 2 kitorang sume siap2 packing brg n mskkn brg dalam kete coz nk trus brtolak blk lps pg east coast mall 2. then siap ltk brg sume. kitorang lepak2 kt tepi longkang besar dpn umah 2, tetiba i plak jatuh dalam longkang besO tuh. adei!. ape lg, nanges la. saket giler!! nasib baik still boleh jalan walaupun kaki nie terseliuh sket. kaki terseliuh pon ttp jgk brsemangat pg east coast mall lg. haha. tp time 2 x shupping la coz da xda mood sb saket la. hurm. )= haha. dlm kul 9pm lebih kot, kitorang brtolak blk ke kb. sblm smpai kb 2 brenti plak kt trngganu umah kak nieja, brenti kejap je la dlm kul 2am cmtu. huhu. then smbg gerak blk ke kb. kul 4am kitorang smpai kb! yeay!! huhu (= sampai2 tu trus tido la. penat giler tp best. wee~~

nie pic time kt east coast mall(smpt jgk pose!)ahaks. pic yg kitorang posing time kt umah mertua kak et 2 akan dipost later! sb pic still dgn aween 'the photographer'!huhu.


me wif nieja

me wif kikie, nieja n darwisy the smallest one!haha

kikie n aliff

Sunday, June 8, 2008

On Wedding Day!! ET & NAZA, congratulations!

Congratulations Kak Et & Abg Naza (=

Friday, June 6, 2008 bored. Let's posing! *winkwink*

Tonite sgt sgt lah boring! Hurm.. bila da on9, xder sorang pown my frenz yg on9. WaaA.. boring btol la camnie. So, i decide to ber "posing2" wif my cuz, ASHYA! ahaks. wee~


hey, look at da stars!!

grrr..giget btol kang!huhu

posing wif cuz *ashya*

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Really loves dis shOot!!

thanx to aween....

really loves dis shOot!!
kak ilah,kak mimie n kak nieja..dun be jealous ya?! wee~

Ilah & Azzril on engagement day, Congratulations!


congratulation kak ilah n abg azzril...(=