Monday, January 19, 2009

New year resolution! tagging!!

Every year around this time, people look back on the year that was and make promises or resolutions to improve themselves and the world around them. Here are mine, i have only one this year.

I want to be a better person. Start trying to understand others.
It’s not that i hate myself. In fact, it’s nothing like that. I do hate, however, the way i treat others. I’m not exactly the nicest person, even to my friends. I’m not reliable, and i realize all of this. Yet, no matter how hard i try, i can’t seem to change who i am. I want to, because i know that i made myself into this monster. but it’s like there’s no turning back. What’s done is done, and i need to fix what i’ve wronged. I’m sick of being me. I don't want to be a best person but i just want to be a better person.

*What are your new years resolutions?

People i tag:-
1.Miss Ilah
4.Abe keyoe

p/s: Honey, u terkecuali sb da ada. hikhik (=